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SCOPE exchange programme is an extraordinary opportunity to discover world but as “P” in SCOPE stands for “professional”, SCOPE exchange is above all a great learning experience for medical students!

Academic Quality (AQ) project helps us to ensure that every exchange programme offered by a National Member Organisation (NMO) within SCOPE meets high academic standards. The main mean to achieve this is a Student Handbook (SH) – a booklet for a student to fill in with his tutor during a SCOPE exchange that gives a proof not only of going to exchange but also of student’s performance, skills gained etc. SH contains checklists in many clinical fields established in cooperation with well know medical associations such as The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) – every year we add successive checklists in response to certain expectations of universities taking part in SCOPE exchanges.

We strongly believe that Academic Quality will contribute to wide recognition of SCOPE exchange programme and that participating in SCOPE exchange will provide medical students not only with great memories and new skills but also a certificate of high value in their future CVs!

Contact your local exchange officer (LEO) or national exchange officer (NEO) in order to get more information about academic quality and the student handbook.