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Beer Sheba
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Student Street Party Beer Sheva from above!

About the city

Welcome to the Israeli "college town" of Beer Sheva! Located in the southern region of Israel, it serves as the beating heart of the Negev desert. The city is surrounded with many Bedouin villages, giving the city a middle eastern atmosphere! The city's university, Ben Gurion University, is the home for thousands of students, is considered one of the top schools in the country, and is know for it's rich social activities. The city is the capital of the Israeli desert region, The Negev. Here you will find gorgeous hikes, located minutes to 2 hours away, including the Ramon Crater, The Messada Mountain, The Dead Sea and much more

Must See's

Sight Seeing

  • Old Turkish Town (Old City). The Old Street has the best preserved buildings. Additionally there is a wide array of cheap stores and excellent ethnic restaurants. Here you will also find trendy bars, cute coffee places and a genuine middle eastern atmosphere.
  • Bedouin Market. Located just outside of the city on the Road to Eilat, this market takes place every Thursday morning. Bedouin merchandise can be found next to a wide array of other products.
  • Ben Gurion Campus- A visit to this super trendy campus is a must. With plenty of places to eat and hang out, it is considered one of the most beautiful campuses in Israel.
  • The Ramon Crater- The world's largest crater, located 85km south of the city, a beautiful place for hiking.


  • Israel Air Force Museum, ☎ +972-7-906428 (fax: +972-7-906314). Open every day except Saturday, 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Fridays until 1.00 pm). Located next to Kibbutz Hatserim 5 km to the West of Beer Sheva. The museum displays historical airplanes of the Israeli Air Force.
  • Negev Museum. Located in the residence of the Turkish governor in the Old Town, this small museum contains an art collection and has changing exhibits.

Night life in Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva is famous for it's student life! You can experience it for yourself in any one of the pubs surrounding the university such as Publo, Rosa, Manga, Munchilla, Coca, Black & White or Einstein. Student parties are popular, especially during spring- including street parties, concerts and pool parties at the local student country club!

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Ben - Gurion University of the Negev's Faculty of Health Sciences was created in 1974 in an attempt to revolutionize the medical education process. Prior to the Faculty's creation, medical education was largely directed at teaching high-tech medical skills with little regard to the quality of doctor-patient interaction. The faculty's innovative approach begins with a unique student selection process emphasizing the interview rather than grades and test scores. From the first year, the curriculum stresses learning interpersonal skills and the importance of seeing the patient as a human being and an integral part of his/her community. This accompanies the rigorous 6-year curriculum aimed at producing highly skilled doctors able to execute a high level of comprehensive medical care. The faculty is located next to Soroka hospital.

Soroka Medical Center

The Soroka Medical Center is a tertiary care university hospital situated in front of the BGU campus. The Center serves a population of nearly 400,000 residents of the Negev including over 90,000 Bedouin. It is one of the largest, comprehensive and most active health care institutions in Israel, with over 12,500 births annually. It is also the major trauma center for the hundreds of automobile accidents that occur in the area. The broad spectrum of ethnic origins, cultural backgrounds and socio-economic levels of the population served by this hospital, provide the student with a wealth and variety of clinical experience. Here you can experience the treatment of third world diseases in a first class hospital!

Local weather

Beer sheba has very hot summers, with temperature up to 42 °C (110 °F). In the winter, the temperature at night can be as low as 0 °C (30 °F).