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Welcome to Chang Gung University: Chinese Medicine department!

Logo of CGU

About Chang Gung University: Chinese Medicine department (CGUC)

Logo of CGUC

In August 1998, the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine started recruiting qualified high school graduates through the College and University Joint Entrance Examination. The aim of this school is to modernize Chinese medical science and to establish a new medical field by integrating the Western and Chinese medical sciences so as to make the utmost contribution to world health.

Department of Chinese Medicine at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital was founded 12 years ago. As far as the overall development of the education of Chinese medicine at the University is concerned, a channel for advanced studies should be established to train and develop the faculty. In the future, the Chinese Medical Hospital and the Institute of Physiology and Pharmacology in planning will be integrated to create a complete traditional medicine science research and development center to bring teaching, clinical practice, and research together and thus benefit each other.

About the University Hospital

Linkou Chang Gang Memorial Hospital

Chang Gang Memorial Hospital, Linkou Medical Center

In the 1970's, Taiwan enjoyed a prospering economy and a rapidly rising living standard. However, despite this increase in the country's wealth, the quality of Taiwan's medical services and the advancement of technologies still lagged significantly behind. Not only were there limited institutions that offered training to the local medical graduate students, those who went abroad for further training also found themselves unable to put to use their acquired skills and knowledge. Thus, the demand for medical services in Taiwan remained unmet.

In pursuit to provide the people of Taiwan with high quality healthcare, Formosa Plastic Group Chairman Yung-Ching Wang and President Yung-Tsai Wang established Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) in 1976 in memory of their father,Mr.Chang-Gung Wang. During the early periods of its establishment, CGMH had played the role as a mediating center that introduced modern medical knowledge and technologies from around the world to Taiwan, now it aspires to become a world class medical center. Our physicians, nursing staffs and medical allies work closely as a team to provide our patients with complete physical, psychological and social care.

Integrating Traditional Chinese and Western Medicines, Pursuing the Excellence of Health Care

-- Joint Outpatient and Inpatient service of Chinese and Western medicines. --

Our hospital offers western medical services with modern technology. To establish a new model of Chinese medicine, modernize Chinese medicine,and combine Chinese medicines with advanced medical technology for the purposes of research thus enhancing its development. In July 1996, the department of Chinese medicine was established. In August of the same year, the Chinese medicine outpatient service was opened to patients. An inpatient service was established in September 1998. In April 1998, the Chinese and western medical treatment teamed up to create the "Chinese and Western joint medical service." The program includes patients with arthritis, cervical cancer, nasal pharyngeal cancer, and diabetes mellitus. This brings together Chinese medical practitioners and physicians from the departments of Rheumatology, Immunology, Metabolism, Gynecology, and Radiation Therapy. We hope such service models will enable us to create greater convenience and provide improved quality of care to our patients.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Tao-Yuan Branch

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Tao-Yuan Branch

In order to strengthen the national chronic care that integrate the Western and Chinese Traditional medicine, as well as the integration of preventive medicine and health system of acute and chronic care, "Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan" was then established in year 2003. The hospital is located in the Gueishan hill which the building is constructed with double cross structure that looks like a beautiful windmill to make every corner of the hospital can view the blue sky and green plants that’s why the hospital is also called a “Garden Hospital”. The formation of a complete health care system of Chronic Care, Medical Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other medical engineering to care for the people of Taiwan and expect that people can fully enjoy the quality of medical care in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan.

Website of Chang Gung Memorial hospital

Why Chang Gung University?

Achievements of CGU

1. The Ministry of Education launched the “Top University Project” in 2005 to support top-performing domestic universities to develop into international educational and research powerhouses. Chang Gung University is the only private university that was selected in both the 1st stage and the 2nd stage of this project.

2. Chang Gung University was ranked the 402nd in the 2011 Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities. Its ranking has been rising steadily in the world’s top-performing university report, and has made its 4th appearance in the top 500 chart. CGU is still the only private university in Taiwan which has ever made into the top 500 chart.

3. Chang Gung University stands out remarkably well in every year’s university evaluation held by the Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan (HEEACT). In addition, we also make impressive achievements every year in the private university development project assessed by the Ministry of Education. Take 2011 for example, Chang Gung University outperformed the other domestic private universities and received the largest grants from the Ministry of Education.

Exchange Programs

Professional Exchange

Acupuncture course is available ONLY to the students who had taken the traditional Chinese medicine courses. We sincerely and wholeheartedly welcome everyone who is interested in Chinese medicine to apply for the course.

Research Exchange

At the moment we don´t have any research projects for international students yet.

Accommodation and Boarding


Students have to live in a hospital dormitory (not school's). The accommodation could vary from branch to branch.

Each chamber is a four-person suite, sharing one set of lavatory/bathing facilities. Beds (excluding mattresses), desks, desk lights, bookshelves, chairs, drawers, and internal extension lines are available. Every boarding student has personal network access to enjoy around the clock free online service. Amenity room, laundry room, pay phone, and tea room may be available in all floors. The laundry room is equipped with washing machines and dryers.


We would give incoming students Boarding Money (NT$2,000/month) instead of one meal per weekday.

Where to Eat

CGU CAMPUS (Cafeteria): McDonald's, buffet, fruit shop, Chinese fast-food (noodles, dumplings, fried rice, etc.)

Cafeteria in CGU campus

LINKOU CHANG GUNG MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (Underground food court): McDonald's, buffet, fruit shops, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Korean restaurants, Ikari Coffee, Mr. Brown Coffee, etc.

Underground food court in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

OUTSIDE THE HOSPITAL: American fast-food (McDonald's & KFC), nightmarket (selling traditional Taiwanese delicacy, chicken pie, drink shops -- bubble tea shops, Starbucks, IsCoffee, Ikari Coffee, and Mr. Brown Coffee), etc.

McDonald's, bubble tea shop, congee, braised pork rice, and braised foods

Social Life

Welcome Party

All the SCOPE incomings will be invited to attend the welcome dinner to get to know each other as well as the contact persons (CPs). Usually, the welcome dinner will be held at MAMA’S KITCHEN, a restaurant near Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, providing delicious Chinese cuisines.

Welcome dinner @ MAMA’S KITCHEN

Linkou Chang Gung is 45 minutes away from Taipei, Chongli and Taoyuan city. The area around the hospital is booming too.
Ask the local exchange officers (LEOs) or your CPs for more information.
Some recommended places are listed below.

Taipei 101 (Xinyi District)

Taipei 101, formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center, is a landmark skyscraper located in Xinyi District. By the way, various shopping malls and entertainment venues make Xinyi the most modern cosmopolitan district of Taipei. For example, Vie Show Cinemas, centerpiece of Taiwan’s biggest chain, the four department stores of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi New Life Square complex, Novel Hall, Neo19 Shopping Complex, the Grand Hyatt Taipei, the Agora Garden hotel, and the flagship store of Eslite Bookstore, the largest bookstore in Taiwan.

Xinyi District


Pingxi is a rural township in the north eastern part of Taiwan. Located in a remote mountain area outside of Taipei and run through by Keelung River, it was a small coal mining town since the early 20th century. And it is served by the Pingxi Line of Taiwan Railway Administration. Incoming students can have their wishes written on sky lanterns, and release them to the skies, experiencing the culture of flying sky lanterns.


Local Transportation & How to Get to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital from the Airport

Local Transportation

Bus from Formosa fairway

Formosa Fairway offers two kinds of shuttle buses.

Free Shuttle:

Linkou hospital ←→ Chang Gung University
Linkou hospital ←→ Chang Gung medical community
Linkou hospital ←→ Taoyun branch ←→ senior citizen community ←→ Nursing house

Bus (NT$35 per trip)

Linkou hospital ←→ Taipei Main station
Linkou hospital ←→ chongli train station
Linkou hospital ←→ Taoyuan train station
Linkou hospital ←→ Taipei Chang-Gung Hospital

How to Get to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital from the Airport

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (C.K.S International Airport) is the closest international port of entry to Chang-Gung (Linkou medical center & Taoyuan branch). It is located approximately 30 minutes south of Chang-Gung (Linkou medical center and Taoyuan branch). A typical taxi fare from Taiwan Taoyuan Airport to medical center or Taoyuan branch is approximately NT$800.

You can also take a bus which costs about NT$110~140 from the airport to Taipei Main station. Formosa Fairway Corporation offers a bus from the old Taipei bus station to Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital. The fair is NT$35 for each ride. If necessary, the contact person can also pick you up at the airport and bring you to the hospital.

Taoyuan Airport website

Local Exchange Team

Our members of the professional exchange team:

Each incoming student will have two contact persons during the exchange program.

If anything happens, please contact them immediately. They will help you solve your problems as soon as possible.


Maxime (LEO-out)
Shao-Wen (LEO-in)

LEOs of CGUC: Jia-Han Li (Maxime); Shao-Wen Hung
Mobile Number: +886958322099; +886929687805

Please contact us if you have any question about CGUC :D