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Medical education center of Queen Savang Vadhna Memorial Hospital, Faculty of medicine, Burapha university




Faculty of medicine Burapha University, clinical years of Queen Sawangwattana Memorial hospital is medical school in Chonburi province which is located very close to the sea, you can step your foot within a minute to feel the Thai gulf! It‘s also the place for vacation so you have to see how beautiful it is Queen Sawangwattana Memorial hospital or Somdej hospital is The Thai Red Cross Society 290 Jermjomphol Road , Sriracha , Chonburi 20110 . Phone (+66)3-832-0200

Faculty of Medicine, Burapha university



The official establishment of the Faculty of Medicine, Burapha University at Chonburi has been approved by the University Council on the 2nd September 2002 and promulgated in the Mega project in Health Manpower Development launched by the Royal Thai Government on 9th May 2006.

Its Medical Curriculum has been approved by the Office of the Ministry of Education and the Medical Council of Thailand on 14th December 2006. The first group of 32 Students was admitted in 2007.

Vision A Leading Faculty of Medicine in The Eastern Region of Thailand.


Mission Producing medical graduates to serve the rural people especially in The Eastern Region of Thailand.

Object 1. Produce medical graduates to work for The Eastern Region of Thailand.

2. Promote and support the integration of medical and health sciences research.

3. Provide health services to the community.

4. Support local arts, cultural and Thai traditional intellectual properties of health sciences.

History of Queen Savang Vadhna Memorial Hospital


Queen Savang Vadhna Memorial Hospital in Sriracha District, Chonburi is one of the oldest hospital in Thailand . It was opened on 10 th September, 1902 by Queen Savang Vadhna (of King Rama 5) . The first hospital building was built in the sea with five thatched roof houses. The ceremony was opened and conducted by Somdej Prachao Boromwongther Krommuen Vivittawanprecha, the general director of nursing and the King Rama 5 went to visit Queen Savang Vadhna pronounced the name of the hospital Somdej Hospital which has been named since at that time.

- Between 1902 and 1917 the hospital was directed by His Majesty Prince Vivittawanapricha, the general director of nursing , Siriraj hospital.

- In 1918 the hospital was under the Medical faculty of Chulaongkorn University . However, Queen Savang Vadhna remained responsible for all the expenses . Therefore, the Queen Savang Vadhna foundation was founded to help the patients, and has been continuing to the present day. The hospital was transferred to under the control of the Thai Red Cross at Chulalongkorn hospital.

- In 1932 the hospital was upgraded to be a relief department of the Thai Red Cross Society.

- In 1972 the hospital was transferred to be the main medical institution of the Thai Red cross.

Since that time, many of the patient buildings and officer’s houses have been donated by His Majesty King Bhumipol and members of King’s Royal family as well as government officer and members citizen of the public. Somdej Sriracha hospital or as known as Sriracha hospital changed it names to Queen Savang Vadhna Memorial hospital in 1997 to honor the founder for her memorandum.


Queen Savang Vadhna Memorial hospital now is 500 beds hospital. It’s available for comprehensive medical care and provides a high quality management system to manage the work and respond to the needs of those people who seek treatment here.

The main function of the hospital aims to providing excellent and effective services for every people based on standard of professional ethics and the highest customer’s satisfaction.



Internal medicine


Surgery-Hand Surgery


Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation/ Acupuncture


Obstetrics &Gynaecology




Computer and Internet access Computer room is available at Kasethsanitwong Building (8.00am-4.30pm). At the dormitory computer, headphone and microphone is not provided. So you have to bring yours. Wi-Fi is accessible from all area in the hospital. The log-in code will be provided upon arrival.

Accommodation Medical student’s dormitory has 2 floor building located in the area of the hospital (seaside). Each room is available for 2 people. Room facilities include: single bed, desk, electrical fan, hand washing basin, shower, toilet.


Laundary services include washing & ironing rate is 600 baht/month

Sport facilities that in the hospital including table tennis, tennis court , basketball, sauna and Thai-massage. If you expect more public health park and Sport center you can go to kho loi (about 15 min. by walk, 5min. by tuk tuk from the hospital). It includes weight training, aerobics, yoga classes and swimming pool.


resort housing In the resort housing of Queen Savang Vadhna Memorial hospital situates on the sea beach comprises of beautiful architecture and impressive atmosphere which has been selected by Siam Architecture under the King Patronage in conseration of architecture art heritage in the year 2002.



Tuk tuk (3 wheels taxi) is only in Sriracha town starting rate is about 40 baht it depends on the destination, service all the day and all the night.


Minibus (Song taew) are 2 lines; orange minibus go to Bang Sean and white minibus go to Pattaya. Starting rate is about 10-20 baht it depends on the destination


Bus for go to Bang Sean, Pattaya and Bangkok. Starting rate is about 20-90 baht it depends on the destination.


Van for go to Bangkok. Starting rate is about 100 baht it depends on the destination.


Tourism Sights

Chonburi, in short " Mueang Chon", has been a popular seaside town of the eastern coast for a long period of time. It is also an agricultural site of economic plants such as sugar cane, cassava and Para rubber trees, as well as, a location of the Eastern Seaboard Development Project and significant industrial factories. These are the most Chonburi tourist attractions place that I would to introduce you.

1. Bangsaen


Bang Saen Beach is a popular local tourist attractions and fascinating. A side road along the beach with the coconut. Next to the restaurant. Souvenir shop And lined up a lot. Popular scenic beach to relax on the deck chairs on the beach. Together with a rubber ring rental service. Banana Boat. Bike. and Shower service,nearly. Every day is a beach town with tourists.

There began as a popular tourist attraction since the year 2486 and was dubbed "the land of Happiness" as the Thai meaning of “ Saen Suk” have visited a lot. It's been deteriorating for some time because of a lot visitor. The current administration has been organized very well. The beach was clean. To see in every season.

Location: Located 14 kilometers from town at Tambon Saen Suk, Chon Buri. Turn right from the main Sukhumvit Road km 104 to about 3 kilometers.


2. Khao Kiew Open Zoo


The zoo is open only to the green forests of Thailand. Operated by the Zoological Park Organization

Visitors will see animals up to 300 species of animals in Thailand and from abroad. The langurs, gibbons, elephants, gaur, banteng hippopotamus loris (loris), zebra giraffe, ostrich, deer, lion, tiger logo of the high mountain goats, antelope, chamois, bears, peacocks, hornbills, flamingo, which most animals are in the area. The environment is naturally suited to the habits of animals. And visitors can walk closely. But there are some in the cage to prevent escape. And for the safety of the tourists themselves.

Another advantage of this. The "bird" was created by a large steel frame covered with netting. Occupying up to 5 acres of trails in the hills. There are many bird species emits a cry and flew back and forth across the park and also at the event, visit the animals at a time. Night (Night Safari) to the public as well.

Location: hillside green. Sriracha, a town 25 kilometers away.

3. Pattaya


Pattaya is a seaside tourist destination, one of the most famous of the country. And is known throughout the world. From the beginning of the tour was visiting American troops ashore. I rent a villa in Pattaya on a weekly basis. The City has developed from the seaside village of quiet. Now it becomes attractive to the most visitors from the far , as it appears today.

Pattaya is a beach that is about 3 miles long, divided into fragments, and South and Central Pattaya Beach. Pattaya is a center of progress and light. At night the streets are closed to tourists as the Walking Street go shopping with ease. The beach is shady. North Beach neighborhood is a peaceful area than the rest. The South Beach is a bustling center of a congested than It is a business district, shops, hotels, shopping malls. Souvenir shop and entertainment services.

Location: away from the district town of Pattaya, about 50 kilometers and 140 kilometers from Bangkok, between Pattaya and Sattahip.

4. Sriracha Tiger Zoo


Sriracha Tiger Zoo (Sriracha Tiger Zoo) is an exhibition of over 200 Bengal tiger species as well as more than 100,000 crocodiles and other animal species. Visitors will see the coexistence of tigers and pigs, and dogs. There are the crocodiles, the pig race, Scorpion Queen,etc. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo established on an area of over 250 acres on 23 April 2540 by the implementation of standards to improve animal breeding. There are the eco-tourism , recreation and to educate the visitors.

Another notable here is the circus show "Amazing Circus " will demonstrate the ability of the animal. Includes a display of bears, tigers, monkeys Pan C, Joker's taste. You can see the variety of the Bengal tiger can jump pass the fire loops. Walk on Climbing, Tyrolean Traverse follow the instructions of the coach. And many other capabilities. The menagerie is packed audience of up to 1,500 people.

Location Address: 341 Moo 3, km 20 Highway 7 (Chonburi - Pattaya New) Nong Kham, Sriracha.

5. The Sanctuary Of Truth


The Sanctuary of Truth is located on the Gulf of the moon pointed Rajavej Na-Gluae in the area of 80 acres of beautiful architecture "large end of the world" was generally referred to as "the palace of ancient"

The Sanctuary of Truth construction began on the year 2524 until now there has not been completed. The original wooden is no metal or concrete to mix. Except, the base of the concrete. Both outside and inside. Like I said beauty frame Laying out the abstract concepts tangible to touch. Communicate the importance of religion and Eastern philosophy.

Address: No. 206 / 2 Moo 5, Laem Rajavej Moon Bay, the Na-Gluae, Banglamung. About 5 kilometers away from Pattaya.

6.Institute of Marine Science, Burapha University


Institute of Marine Science. Burapha University Dallas Aquarium is famous for dozens of years. In particular, a large glass enclosure called the Aquarium. Fish and sea creatures to enjoy a variety of colors. This area is approximately 30 acres of interior is divided into three parts: the Marine Science Museum. What marine animals are on display. Marine science and research laboratories. (This is not open to tourists).

Address: No. 169 Road, Tambon Bang Saen Suk, Amphur Muang, Chonburi. The front entrance of the University. Prior to the beach a few hundred kilometers away from the city of Pattaya, about 12 kilometers.

7. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden


Suan Nong Nooch (Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden) is a recreational area within 1,500 acres of gardens, flowers and fruits such as pineapple, fern garden, orchid garden, a dwarf shrub. Plantation from all over the world. Cactus and succulent garden, bonsai garden, fruit garden, garden fountain, rock garden Fuengfah Suan Mok Park in western gardens, butterfly gardens, model trains, Stonehenge, etc. The hotel is a Thai-style teak house. Conference room with a zoo and Thai Cultural Show. The traditional dances, Martial arts, folk sports and performances of the elephants.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden has become a leading tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. Tourists from all over the world, visiting about 2,000 people a day. Address: No. 34 / 1 Moo 7, Na Jomtien, Sattahip.

Travel away from the entrance to South 18 km turn left from Sukhumvit Road at km 163 is about 3.5 kilometers.

8. Mini Siam


Mini Siam (Mini Siam) started a project to research since 2528, began construction on the year 2529 as a replica of the monuments and historical sites in Thailand and abroad. Ratio to 1: 25 with a Mini Siam and Mini Europe, There are in 29 acres size, such as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai Ayutthaya, Historical Park, Democracy Monument, Victory Monument, Bridge over the River Kwai Bridge, Rama 9 Phimai, Wat Arun, Bridge Tower Bridge, The Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Statue of Liberty and come here alone. I like to travel around Thailand and around the world in one day.

Location: 143 km along the main Sukhumvit Road, Banglamung. If coming from Chonburi will be the first to turn into the North.