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Academia Estudiantil de Medicina de la Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa
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Time zone enter Time zone GMT -7
Number of Doctors and beds per 1000 people
Member of IFMSA-MEXICO since... 2001
Number of incoming students per year 15-20
Who is our LEO Christyan Rocha Pérez
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Welcome Note

Welcome to Culiacán, the best experience in the Northwest of Mexico, here you can enjoy warm people, hot sun and the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Bienvenidos.jpg


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Our health care system

The hospitals

The clerkship program in Culiacán is available in 4 different hospitals, depending on the medical area that you chose.

The first one is Hospital Civil de Culiacán, which is also the University Hospital, it's a small hospital where you will have the oportunity to learn and practice as much as you want. People from culiacan calls this hospital "el hospital de la gente pobre" (the hospital for poor people)because this hospital doesn't take part in the mexican health service, and people who don't have insurance goes there, because there they can receive excelent medical attention,and it's also the cheapest hospital in the northwest of Mexico. Hospital frente foto.jpg Quirofano.jpg

Our medical education

Cultural differences

Accommodation & Boarding

Social program

Local & National transportation


Social life

Special Remarks


Other cities offered for exchange

Acapulco, Chihuahua, Ciudad Mendoza, Culiacán, Durango, Gómez Palacio, Guadalajara, Guadalajara Zapopan, León, Mérida, Mexico City, Mexico City Xochimilco, Minatitlán, Montemorelos, Monterrey, Morelia, Oaxaca, Puebla, Saltillo, Tampico, Tepic, Toluca, Torreón, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Veracruz Pt., Xalapa, Zacatecas