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Participating cities (LC's) Banda Aceh, Padang, Pekanbaru, Jakarta, Tangerang, Bandung, Semarang, Surakarta, Yogyakarta UGM, Yogyakrta UMY, Surabaya, Malang
Languages Bahasa Indonesia, English
Currency (how much is a Bigmac?) Indonesia:Rp 24,200 or euro 2.1
Time zone UTC +7h to UTC +9h
Number of Doctors and beds per 1000 people Enter numbers
Member of IFMSA since... 2001
Number of incoming students per year >120
Who are our NEO's?? Devianty Octavia (incoming) and Rizki Meizikri (outgoing)
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Come for exchange!

Welcome Note

I bet that each one of us ever wondered about traveling to other countries.

Visiting their cool tourism spots, surfing,

tasting the delicious traditional cuisine,

eye-witnessing the amazing cultures, and even... shopping!

That'd be a great holiday everyone could wish for!

But what about doing a CLINICAL CLERKSHIP program overseas?

Have you ever wondered about it?

That'd be a great experience for an adventurer medical student like YOU!

Get ready for an exchange program!


SCOPE Indonesia Team


Indonesia, with Jakarta as its capital city, comprising 33 provinces has More than 17 000 islands, also the five big and main islands, namely Sumatera (473.606 km2), Kalimantan 1539,400 km2), Sulawesi (189,216 km2), Irian Jaya (421,981 km2), and Java (132,187 km2). The Population is about 238 500 000. And the climate is tropical; hot, humid; cooler in the highlands. Indonesia has a great culture. Indonesia has many languages, and many ethnic. There are 583 languages and dialects spoken by the people of Indonesia and divided into number of ethnic groups. Number of specific local dialects amongst other thing is Aceh, Batak, Sunda, Java, Sasak, Timor, Dayak, Minahasa, Toraja, Bugis, Halmahera, Ambon, Seram, and Irian language. The national language of Indonesian is Indonesian language.

For you, who have an exchange in here, you will find a friendly people, and you will find many great places in Indonesia, such as beach, mountain, mosque, etc.

Useful Links: [Wikipedia on Indonesia][1] [Culture of Indonesia] [2] [Indonesian Government][3] [Great Place in Indonesia][4]

Our health care system

There are 33 provinces and each province is sub-divided into districts and each district into sub-districts. As decentralization had been already implemented, the 349 regencies and 91 municipalities are now the key of administrative units.

Each sub-district in Indonesia has at least one health centre headed by a doctor, usually supported by two or three sub-centres, the majority of which are headed by nurses. Health centres mainly provide eight programs. Most of the health centres are equipped with four-wheel drive vehicles or motorboats to serve as mobile health centres and provide services to underserved populations in urban and remote rural areas.

At the village level, the integrated Family Health Post provides preventive and promotive services. These health posts are established and managed by the community with the assistance of health canter staff. To improve maternal and child health, midwives are being deployed to the villages.

The hospitals

The hospitals are usually the general hospitals which are used by the Indonesian students for clinical clerkship. Every local have at least 1 general hospital for the clerkship. Our committee will accompany you to meet the doctor in your department. You can do many of medical works in the hospital but it also depends on how you can communicate to the hospital staffs to ask. Please try to ask for any possible works you can do. In the most of Universities in Indonesia, dress code is really important. You can not wear T-shirt, Jeans, and Sandals while you are working in the hospital. For female students, please wear knee-length skirt. In some hospital, female students have to wear Moslem dresses. Please be preparing that not all of Indonesian can speak English. But there will be doctors can speak English in the hospital. You will find Indonesian patients who have real life cases of tropical diseases when you have your clerkship. You will observe and see how unique and interesting the patients are, you will observe with the other medical students joined in a group who are undergoing clerkship programs as well.

Our medical education

Some universities have the Problem Based Learning for the curriculum. Some universities use block system, and some universities still use credits system. In Indonesia it takes 6 years to complete human medicine for universities which applied block system. We have a minimum of 4 years of preclinical studies and a minimum of 2 years of clinical studies. And for universities which applied credits system will be able to complete its education faster.

Cultural differences

The present day culture of Indonesia is an outcome of the interplay of age-old- traditions from the time of early migrants and the Western thought brought by Portuguese traders and Dutch colonists. The basic principles, which guide life include the concepts of mutual assistance or "gotong royong" and consultations or "musyawarah" to arrive at a consensus or "mufakat". Derived from rural life, this system is still very much in use in community life throughout the country. Though the legal system is based on the Old Dutch penal code, social life as well as the rites of passage is founded on customary or "Adat" law, which differs from area to area. Adat law has been instrumental in maintaining gender equality in Indonesia.

The national language of Indonesian is Indonesian language that is mostly similar to Malay language.

Most of people in Indonesia are Muslim.

Shaking hands are usual greetings in Indonesia, but kissing both cheeks between male and female is not common.

Accommodation & Boarding

Students will be placed in boarding house or host family. The host family will be Indonesian student or lecturer (doctor).

Meals will be provided 2x per day.

Social program

In Indonesia, we have many beautiful places to visit. Mountains, high land, beaches, traditional performance, traditional shops are available in Indonesia and will give you an unforgettable moment when you get there. Indonesia has many beautiful beaches, not only Kuta and Sanur beach in Bali, but there are many beautiful and beach, like lhoknga beach in Aceh, Sikuai Island in Padang, and many more. The traditional shops offer many traditional things in that city with its unique shape, motif, and color. Indonesia has many traditional dances as a traditional performance. Every region has its own traditional dance. And about the culinary, Indonesia gives you a nice taste, and sometimes spicy. You will have the social program for 2 times and the committee will make a welcoming party for all incoming students in their local. But, it depends on the situation in the local itself.

Local & National transportation

Local transportation from the boarding house / host family house is using public transportation such as bus, minibus. For national transportation (usually from the capital to other cities) is using plane, train, bus, even ferry (if you have to go to another island). Not all cities have airport, but don’t worry, you can take train or bus for the transportation. Internet booking are available for plane and train. And for bus and ferry, you can get the ticket by buying it on the spot. The cost is depending on the distance.

For more information, just visit:

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[Transportation 4]in Indonesia.pdf


Climate in Indonesia is categorized into tropical climate. The seasons consist of rainy and dry season along the year. East season wind blows on June to September and brings about dry climate. Dry temperature can get up to 34°C .The temperature In the meantime west season wind occurs on December to March bringing about rainy season. The change of two seasons intervened with hard rain. The hardest rain usually occurs on December and January with general humidity is 75% and 100%. But, Even if it's raining, the weather can not be less than 18 degrees.

Social life

Social life in big cities is almost the same like in your country's big city. But in the "middle" cities are in the middle between modern and traditional life. Indonesia has many ethnic with different cultures, and each city has its own culture. You will never get bored in Indonesia. The people are nice, and there are many places you can visit in Indonesia with its own culture. Feel free and relax is a must. Enjoy the culture in Indonesia, nice place, delicious food, and many more!

Exchange conditions


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Cities offered for exchange

Banda Aceh







Yogyakarta UGM

Yogyakarta UMY