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Kurdistan "land for living together"
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Participating cities (LC's) Hawler , Sulemany , duhok
Languages Kurdish
Currency (how much is a Bigmac?) 1USD = about 1200 IQD
Time zone +3 GMT
Number of Doctors and beds per 1000 people -
Member of IFMSA since... 2008
Number of incoming students per year about 10
Who is our NEO Mohammed Kamil Haidar (


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Welcome Note

Welcome to SCOPE KURDISTAN, we'll provide more informations as soon !


IFMSA-Kurdistan is one of the newly formed NMO , belong to Medical universities in Iraqi Kurdistan region... we had our first exchange last year and we are planning to further improve the exchange for the next year so that it reaches a fault free exchange

Iraqi Kurdistan region locate in the north of iraq , population of 3434090 contain Kurds as main population , Assyrians , Turkmens

raqi Kurdistan is divided into three governorates , Hawler capital , Slemany and Duhok . Since 1992 the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has been based in Arbil , The KRG has a parliament which elected by popular vote .
Kurdistan "land for living together"
Kurdistan Region is largely mountainous, with the highest point being a 3,611 m. point known locally as Cheekah Dar (black tent), There are many rivers flowing and running through mountains of the region making it distinguished by its fertile lands, plentiful water, and picturesque nature
Kurdistan "land for living together"

The mountainous nature of Iraqi Kurdistan, the difference of temperatures in its various parts, and its wealth of waters, make Kurdistan a land of agriculture and tourism.

language : The Kurdistan Region’s official languages are Kurdish , Arabic and English also uses in most popular places Kurdish is the most widely spoken language and Arabic is also widely spoken and understood. The two main dialects of Kurdish are Soranî and Kurmanji .

Kurdistan "land for living together"


Kurdistan "land for living together"
Kurdish culture is a group of distinctive cultural traits practiced by Kurdish people. The Kurdish culture is a legacy from the various ancient peoples who shaped modern Kurds and their society, they celebrate Newroz as the new year day, which is celebrated on March 21 . It is the first day of the month of Xakelêwe in Kurdish calendar and the first day of spring . VISA
Kurdistan "land for living together"

Other peoples such as Assyrians, Armenians, Shabaks and Mandeans have their own distinctive cultures

Music Traditionally, there are three types of Kurdish classical performers

1-music performed in night gatherings (şevbihêrk) is considered classical.

2-Several musical forms are found in this genre Many songs are epic in nature, such as the popular lawiks which are heroic ballads recounting the tales of Kurdish heroes of the past .

3-Heyrans are love ballads usually expressing the melancholy of separation and unfulfilled love.

4-Lawje is a form of religious music and Love songs, dance music, wedding and other celebratory songs (dîlok/narînk), erotic poetry and work songs are also popular.
Kurdistan "land for living together"


Kurdistan "land for living together"Kurdistan "land for living together" Kurdistan "land for living together"Kurdistan "land for living together"

Clothes here are view of Kurdish traditional clothes

Kurdistan "land for living together"
Kurdistan "land for living together"


Kurdistan "land for living together"

we just want to mention that visa for Kurdistan is the easiest to obtain , you will receive an immediate 14 days visa on arrival at the airport then one of our Local Committee members will escort the student to the ministry and will extend the visa to 3 months without any problems.

Our health care system

Health care in Kurdistan is largely funded by the government under supervision of ministry of health/KRG

Kurdistan "land for living together"

and while local services may not quite meet the standards of some thoroughly developed and established systems, care is readily available in all major cities and towns.

Medical exams and lab diagnostics are easily obtained and only require a small co-pay of a few thousand ID (usually not more than $5-10). Almost everyone in the health care field – from pharmacists to physicians to nurses – understands and speaks good English.

The hospitals

Kurdistan has several Hospitals in each city, (which are listed in each city in the map) and are honorable to accept students from anywhere for practice. Most of the Doctors speak English very well but patients probably don’t know English, you can ask your colleague medical students who are taking same training course or the Doctors for translation and they will be more than happy to help.

all hospital contact information are provided in their city page !

Kurdistan "land for living together"

Our medical education

Medical Education: The duration of medical college is 6 years ( 3 years for medical basics and 3 years for clinical medicine and surgery), the last year is mainly practical sessions … then the students graduate with a M.B.Ch.B degree and have to work as a doctor-in-training for 3 years ( the 3rd year will be working outside the main city ) with a small salary.

Kurdistan "land for living together"

Accommodation & Boarding

Boarding ... we give the student enough money for 1 meal per day plus we give the student number of all the possible deliveries and also we will try to provide a place where there is kitchen for those student who prefer to cook their own meals.

Social program

There is an amazingly fast development is all Kurdistan cities and new places to go to and to spend time in are built every day … but the most important things that attract tourists are our nature and mountains and ancient places , Also cities are usually active till 11pm and in some places till late night. we had provide much informations in Local committee page

Local & National transportation

we don't have a diverse transportation, we depend on Taxis for local and national transportation. the taxi is cheap and available.

Kurdistan "land for living together"


during summer exchange it gets pretty hot ( 35-40 ) so be prepared .... Much of the region is typified by an extreme continental climate hot in the summer, bitterly cold in the winter. Despite this, much of the region is fertile and has historically exported grain and livestock. In all major cities climate is nice all year round, and sunny days are common even in the winter. If you are coming in the summer months (June-September) make sure you bring many short clothing. Despite the hot weather there are lots of places which will make you feel fresh with cold waterfall water and nice cool air specially with the resorts near the mountains.

Social life


Exchange Conditions

To read exchange condition follow this link

Cities offered for exchange

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