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About the City

Ankara is the capital of Turkey and the country's second largest city after İstanbul. It is the center of the Turkish Government, and houses all foreign embassies Ankara has experienced a phenomenal growth since it was made Turkey's capital. It was "a small town of no importance" when it was made the capital of Turkey. In 1924, the year after the government had moved there. Ankara has a population of 3,763,591. If it is required I can explain you Ankara in a few sentence.

We can describe Ankara as a bowl surrounded with mountains.

-Centre of this bowl is Kızılay, Ulus and Sıhhiye(where our hospital is placed). Centre is including Cankaya (where the president’s resident is placed) and Tunali (where most of the embassies are placed) are the entertainment centre’s of the city; they are on the south of the city centre and really close to Kizilay. -Also on the south of Ankara there is 2lakes. (Golbasi and Eymir lakes) -North of Ankara is Kecioren and I don’t think you will find anything interesting there. Just the airport(Esenboga) is taking place there. -Ankara’s population is growing highly. And cities population is moving through west. West part is called Cayyolu and Eskisehir highway is the main road which is connecting Cayyolu with the city centre. On this road 4universities are taking place: ODTU(Metu: biggest campus university and most of it’s departments are the best in Turkey) , Bilkent (In addition to the University there is also a minacity with residences, a shopping mall, a sports centre and schools) Hacettepe and Baskent Universities. On this road there are 2shopping malls(CEPA, Armada). -North west of Ankara is Eryaman and Batikent. Those towns are mostly consist of residences both you can also find outlet centers and some nice parks.

One of the most important districts in Ankara is Çankaya, this large area contains many places of interest. The Ataturk Orman Ciftligi, Eymir Lake, Elmadag Ski Facilities, Ahlatlibel Sport and Entertainment Centre are all within this area. The huge list of primary tourist attractions includes: Anitkabir, the Ataturk Museum, the Ataturk Memorial (Zafer Aniti-Sihhiye), the MTA Natural History Museum, the Security Memorial, the Ethnographic Ataturk Memorial, the Natural History Museum, the Archeology Museum of Middle East Technical University, the State Painting and Statue Exhibit, Memorial Park, the Botanical Garden, Abdi Ipekci Park, Guven Park, Kurtulus Park, Kugulu (Swan) Park, the National Sovereignty Park, Ahmet Arif Park and sport facilities such as the Municipal Ice Skating rinks and the Indoor Pool at 100 Yil. There is also a Toy Museum (Cebeci-Ankara University Education Faculty), the Hittite Memorial, Atakule and the Turkish National Parliament buildings.

How To Get Ankara?

By Road It is possible to get to any point in Turkey from Ankara by bus, and even further afield with services to surrounding countries - even Moscow. The main bus station is 5km west of Kizilay, with over 100 bus companies operating from there. Many local buses go there, and most companies will have a service minibus operating to and from the city centre.

By Air The International Esenboga Airport is 30km north of the city center. Transportation is provided by HAVAS shuttle buses, as well as taxis. There are flights to all the other cities in Turkey, with many each day to Istanbul. Useful Contacts: Turkish Airlines (THY) at Esenboga Airport: Tel: (+90 312) 398 0000 / 1517 or (+90 312) 398 0550.

THY City Offices Tel: (+90 312) 419 1492; (+90 312) 428 0200. Fax: (+90 312) 428 1681

HAVAS Esenboga Airport Tel: (+90 312) 398 0000 ext. 1649

By Train There are direct rail services to the following destinations: Istanbul, Izmir, Balikesir, Isparta and Burcdur, Zonguldak, Adana, Elazig and Diyarbakir. As with all reservations in Turkey, the fast trains get booked up quickly, as do sleepers, so booking ahead is strongly recommended Useful contacts: Information: (+90 312) 311 0620/23 Reservations: (+90 312)311 4994 and 310 6515

Social Life and Activities

Ankara has a vibrant cultural and artistic life with many select ballet, theatre, opera and folk dance performances. The city's Philharmonic Orchestra, which always plays to a packed house, is especially famous.

Historical Places:

-Anıtkabir ( Atatürk’s Mausoleum ) -Ankara Ethnography Museum -Museum of Anatolian Civilizations -State Art and Sculpture Museum -War of Independence Museum -TCDD Locomotive Museum -Turkish Air Force Aviation Museum -Ankara Citadel -Roman Theatre -Temple of Augustus and Rome -Roman Bath -Column of Julian Monument to a Secure, Confident Future -Victory Monument -Hatti Monument -Hacı Bayram Mosque -Atatürk’s House.


Ankara has many parks and open spaces mainly established in the early years of the Republic and well maintained and expanded thereafter. The most important of these parks are:

-Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo (an expansive recreational farming area which houses a zoo, several small agricultural farms, greenhouses, restaurants, a dairy farm and a brewery) -Gençlik Park(houses an amusement park with a large pond for rowing) -the Botanical Garden -Seğmenler Park -Anayasa Park -Kuğulu Park (famous for the swans received as a gift from the Chinese government) -Abdi İpekçi Park -Güven Park -Kurtuluş Park (has an ice-skating rink) -Altınpark (also a prominent exposition/fair area) -Harikalar Diyarı (claimed to be Biggest Park of Europe inside city borders) -Göksu Park.


-AnkaMALL (Akköprü) -Armada (on Eskişehir highway) -CEPA (on Eskişehir highway) -Galleria (Ümitköy) -Bilkent Center -Arcadium (Çayyolu) -Panora (Oran) -Karum (Tunalı Hilmi) -Mesa Plaza -Kızılay AVM (Kızılay)

Currency, Prices of the basic things in Turkey: Turkey’ currency is TL= Turk Lirası(Turkish Lira) by the day of this document written 1TL=0.5 Euros

1CocaCola = 1TL (in a market) 1BigMac Menu=7.75TL 1Bottle of Water=0.5TL (in a market) 1Loaf of Bread=0.4TL 1Beer =2.25TL (in a market) 1 Local transportation Ticket for students=1.1TL 1L.T. ticket for adults=1.6TL

Night Clubs, Bars and Pubs:

There are lots of places for all of the music types in Ankara. It has an active life at nights and there are lots of bars, clubs and pubs in Ankara. Some of them are ;

-IF Performance Hall (Kavaklıdere region) -OverAll (Aşağı Ayrancı region) -Narquilla ( Park avenue-Ümitköy ) -Saklıkent (Secret City) (Küçükesat region) -Murphy’s Bar&Dance Club (Kavaklıdere region, in Hilton) -Café de Paris (Çankaya region) -City Voice (Çankaya region, on Nenehatun) -Hollywood Myhane (Çankaya region) -The Pub (Atakule) -Manhattan (Çankaya region) -Marilyn Monroe Café / Bar (Tunalı Hilmi region) -New Castle ( Çevre ) -New Castle ( Oran ) -New Castle/Gate 66 ( Tunus ) -Brothers (Bahçelievler region) -Pampero (both in Bahçelievler region and Tunalı Hilmi, Arjantin) -Ivy (Tunalı Hilmi, Arjantin) -Yosun Restaurant (Tunalı Hilmi, Arjantin) -Papermoon (Tunalı Hilmi) -Salata (Mesa) -Salata (Nenehatun) -The North Shield ( Güvenlik ) -The North Shield ( Mesa ) -Shot and Bite ( Ümitköy-Park Avenue ) -Random Bar ( Tunalı Hilmi region ) -DİP (Tunalı Hilmi region) -Dib Sahne (Tunalı Hilmi region) -the W pub (Ümitköy, Park Avenue ) –Jolly Joker Ankara

Where to Visit, Outside the City:

Twenty-five kilometers to the south of Ankara on the Konya road is Golbasi Lake, a popular place to visit for the attractive scenery and the fine restaurants on the lakeside. A favorite place for picnics is Karagol Lake, 68 km north of the city on the airport road, for which one should take the turn off for the town of Cubuk. The three dams around the city, Cubuk (15 km on the Cankiri Highway), Kurtbogazi (50 km on the Islanbul Highway) and Bayindir (15 km on the Kirikkale Highway) are pleasant places to visit for swimming and picnicking. There are also restaurants, and at Bayindir, good camping facilities. Walkers will delight in exploring the three main forests around Ankara. South of the city, on the Kirsehir Highway (54 km), is the Beynam Forest; while to the north, on the Istanbul Highway (82 km), is the Kizilcahamam Soguksu National Park and further, in the same direction (110 km), is the Camkoru Forest. All are delightful retreats from the clamor of the city, and each provides many lovely places for picnics. Elmadag Mountain (1855 meters) Some twenty three kilometers from Ankara, Elmadag Mountain can be seen from most parts of the city. The first snowfall on the mountain heralds the start of winter and the beginning of skiing and wintersports at the pleasant resort center to be found here. HISTORICAL SITES Those with an interest in the history of the region will find a visit to Yassihoyuk (Gordion) (105 km), past Polatli on the Eskisehir highway, and Gavurkalesi (60 km/, on the Haymana Highway near to Derekoy, interesting and easily made. Gordion, a Phrygian capital, site of the Gordion Knot (the key to Asia), is today of interest for the tumulus of King Midas, of the Golden Touch and the asses ears. The remains of the old city, still being excavated can be seen; and there is a small, pleasant museum. At Gavurkalesi, there can be seen the remains of an open-air Hittite temple, a tomb, and two reliefs of Hittite gods. THERMAL BATHS In the province of Ankara there are four thermal centers: Kizilcahamam Kaplica (80 km), Haymana Kaplica (72 km), Ayas Kaplica (57 km), and Dutlu Kaplica (85 km). All offer comfortable facilities in which to soak away one's cares. The thermal baths have beneficial properties and are, of course, altogether pleasurable.

Local Weather

As with much of Turkey, the climate of Ankara is relatively mild and continental in character, with the annual seasons remaining quite distinctive and easy to spot. The winter weather in Ankara is quite short, although often quite cold, frosty and at times, a little on the snowy side.

The summer climate experienced within Ankara is much more appealing and the days are often long, sunny, dry and pleasantly hot. July and August tend to see the best weather and the highest temperatures, with highs exceeding 30°C / 86°F not being at all unusual.

Local Transportation

Bus Ankara has a good bus, dolmuş and minibus network. Those marked ‘Gar’ go to the train station, those marked ‘AŞTİ’ to the otogar. City buses (€0.70) run on the same prepay system as the metro: tickets can be bought from kiosks at major bus stops or from shops and vendors displaying an EGO Bilet sign. Cards for five/10/20 journeys cost €3.50/7/11. Metro Ankara’s underground train network currently has two lines: the Ankaray line running between AŞTİ otogar in the west through Kızılay to Dikimevi in the east; and the Metro line running from Kızılay northwest via Sıhhiye and Ulus to Batıkent. The two lines interconnect at Kızılay. Trains run from 6.15am to 11.45pm daily. Single-journey tickets for the whole transport system cost €0.70. Taxi Every second vehicle on the road seems to be a taxi and they all have meters. The drop rate is €0.70; an average trip costs around €3 during daylight hours, 50% more at night.

The Ufuk University Hospital

Accomodation and Boarding

Student Dormitory. When your plane land off in Ankara Esenboga Airport you are going to get on busses (HAVAS) and we will pick you up from ASTI (main bus station in Ankara).

HAVAS Esenboga Airport Tel: (+90 312) 398 0000 ext. 1649

Social Program

After your arrival, you will be given a social program Schedule so you will see what your options are. You will be accompanied by at least one Turkish Contact Person. We have planned an enjoyable program for you. Our programs include the historical places, party nights, traditional trips and so on. Of course we will have National Social Programs like “İstanbul Trip”, “Capadocia Trip”, “Olympos trip” and ‘’ İzmir Trip’’. You will be informed about dates of this programs.

The main parts of our programs are;

Anıtkabir: The mausoleum of the Republic's founder and leader, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Anitkabir was built on the hill of Rasattepe and has an impressive entrance. It was designed by architects Prof. Emin Onat and Doc. Orahn Arda, and completed in 1953. Ataturk was removed from the temporary burial site at the Ethnographic Museum and brought here with great ceremony the same year. Within the Anitkabir complex are the Tower of Independence, the Tower of Liberty, The Road of Lions, Mudafaa-i Hukuk Tower, the Soldier's Tower, the Tower of Victory, the Tower of Peace, the April 23 Tower, the Misak-i Milli Tower, the Reform Tower and the Victory Reliefs. The hallowed Mausoleum hall itself is a colonnaded temple with huge bronze doors but little in the way of decoration. Opposite is the tomb of Ismet Inonu, the first prime minister of the Turkish republic and president after Ataturk's death. The Anitkabir museum is located between the Tower of the National Pact and the Tower of the Revolution. A number of Ataturk's personal belongings are exhibited, including clothes that he wore, and gifts presented to him by visiting foreign dignitaries.

Museum Of Republic: Originally planned to house the People's Republic Party, it was actually the second building for the Turkish National Parliament, as its first was too small to meet the needs of the developing Turkish Republic. The building's interior sections are arranged around the three sides of the two-story Parliament Hall, located in the centre of the building. Exhibited here are the Parliament Hall with its original furnishings, the rooms where Ataturk's principles and reforms were discussed. Photographs and various personal belongings reflect the era of the first three Prime Ministers: Ataturk, Ismet Inonu and Celal Bayar. In the meeting hall, there is a wax re-incarnation of section of the Great Speech delivered by Ataturk, between the 15-20 October 1927.

Ankara Citadel: The foundations of the citadel were laid by the Galatians on a prominent lava outcrop, and the rest was completed by the Romans. The area around and inside the citadel, being the oldest part of Ankara, contains many fine examples of traditional architecture. There are also recreational areas to relax. Many restored traditional Turkish houses inside the citadel area have found new life as restaurants, serving local cuisine, music and of course, Rakı.

Atakule Tower is a 125 m. high communications and observation tower in Ankara, Turkey, built in 1989. The top section of the tower houses an open terrace and a revolving restaurant, the tower has a magnificent view over the whole city, and also has a revolving restaurant at the top where the complete panorama can be enjoyed in a more leisurely fashion. The bottom structures house a shopping mall and several indoor and outdoor restaurants.

Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo (Atatürk Orman Çiftliği) is an expansive recreational farming area which houses a zoo, several small agricultural farms, greenhouses, restaurants, a dairy farm and a brewery in Ankara, Turkey.

Nights out : We will go to bars and discos at nights, enjoy by the live music and drink our beers while dancing and so on..

National Food and Drink Party: Don’t forget to bring your traditional things.

Traditional Turkish Night: Turkish Musics, dancers, foods, RAKI and more…

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