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Dear medical students,

Thanks for checking the WikiSCOPE site. This website is extremely important to prepare yourself to go on exchange and I hope it helps you to solve all the questions you might have before traveling to a foreign country.

In IFMSA we work every day to make our exchange program more reliable for the students who are taking part of an exchange abroad and also for the Medical Faculties that send and receive students. For this reason we work together with external organization that can validate our clerkships overseas.

Nowadays we have formal agreements with the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstretrics (FIGO), World Federation of Neurology (WFN), World Federation for Family Practioners (WONCA) and working in the paths to get more partners with us. This way the rotation you might be taking with us can be granted in quality for your faculty.

Also we like that the members that keep the exchange program running around the world get good quality trainings at our meetings. For this reason we invite different externals to give presentation in different topics that are interesting to raise awareness among medical students, especially in fields related to cultural understanding and patient’s care.

In the past years IFMSA had moved forward in external representation and the whole point is that you, as medical student, can take advantage of this. With the partnerships we have and the ones we try to get every year, you get the chance to attend different conferences organized by these Organizations and at the same time meet fellow students and professors from all over in a field you might be interested to work in the near future.

Doing and exchange abroad is just one step closer to broaden the world and start networking with fellow students. Enjoy your exchange since it is a life-time experience and keep checking the IFMSA website and also the information given by your National Organization in how you can get more involve and for not to miss the great opportunities we offer.


Pablo Vega Rojas

Liaison Officer to Research and Medical Associations (LORMA) 2011-2012