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Dear medical students around the world,

Welcome to the SCOPE wikipages!

The purpose of this website is to serve as a guide on the hosting conditions in the different countries that are participating in
our Exchange Program. The info provided is from your medical student colleagues, from altogether 87 countries around the
world. They have placed a great deal of time and effort to provide you with detailed information about their culture, medical
health care system, environment and not to forget, their local social program.

Why go on an exchange?

I was on exchange myself and it was an eye opening experience. The first time, after my second year of medical school, I
viewed myself as the least outgoing student ever (I couldn’t decide which country to pick), but my Local Exchange Officer
was very patient with me and finally we managed to get me to Brazil.

I experienced incredible hospitality, made new friends, got insight in a different culture- and I did my very first suture in
a Brazilian emergency hospital. I found out that the local students are much more involved in the daily clinical routine than
we are in Austria. I saw a young patient dying on the operating table and my colleagues mourning because they had
established a relation to their patient. I realized that it didn’t matter that I couldn’t speak Portuguese. And that Brazilian women
even wear high heels in the O.R.

I came back to my own country with a lot of stories in my backpack- some thoughtful, some sad, some simply hilarious, but most importantly,
I came back with a new view on the world and the health care system.

SCOPE (ex) changes your life!

This statement perfectly reflects our vision and mission- going on an exchange to another country is more than a simple switch from hospital
to hospital. We want to encourage you, to look beyond borders. By participating in SCOPE you are not only experiencing a different health care
system, but also cultural diversity in a very personalized manner. You will establish international connections with other health care professionals
and develop awareness towards global health issues.

We aim to “promote cultural understanding and co-operation amongst medical students” and to provide a different perspective on health care
and medicine. This vision has not changed since the foundation in 1951 and was recently extended to “SCOPE aims to have it's exchanges
accredited by medical faculties across the world and to give all students the opportunity to learn about global health and the effects
of globalization”.


In IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations) we are currently representing 1.2 million medical students in 99 countries,
of which 87 are participating in the SCOPE exchange program. Since the foundation of IFMSA in 1951 in Copenhagen/Denmark, our organization
has constantly expanded and has become a major voice of medical students regarding international health concerns. We are officially recognized
by the UN and WHO and hold close relation to various non-governmental organizations.

SCOPE stands for “Standing Committee on Professional Exchange”. In many countries it represents the largest student exchange program -
over 8000 medical students all over the world are participating per year and exchanging their University, city and country to get a broader
perspective on the differences in medical health care.

Your National and Local Exchange Officers are working hard in cooperation with your medical faculties in order to assure you Academic Quality,
and the International SCOPE Team is constantly working intensely on improving the Exchange Program. All of the work done is entirely on a
voluntary basis!
I would like to take this opportunity to also say a big and honest THANK-YOU to everybody involved in the organization of SCOPE!

To bring it to a close, I would like to share a quote of George Bernard Shaw (Nobel Prize in Literature 1925):

You see things; and you say
"Why?" But I dream things
that never were; and I say
"Why not?"

I wish all of you a wonderful experience abroad!

With very kind regards,
Marianne Koch

Director of the Standing Committee on Professional Exchange 2011-12 I International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations
Medical University of Vienna