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Sociedad de Investigación y Educación Médica de la Universidad Veracruza en Minatitlán

Comité de Intercambios Académicos

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Location Mapaver.jpg
Time zone UTC-6
Number of Doctors and beds per 1000 people 1.8 doctors per 1000 people
Member of IFMSA-MEXICO since... 1995
Number of incoming students per year 8
Who is our LEO Berenice Sánchez
Our official website / Forum / Facebook page
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Come for exchange!


Welcome to "La Ciudad de los Flechadores", The Major and the Tourism & Economic Development Councilor offer to our visitors and investors the information about tourism and economic development of Minatitlán Veracruz Municipality. It is a privilege to introduce the unknown Minatitlán to our visitors… explore it


With outstanding tourist potential, the state of Veracruz offers fantastic attractions in its different cities. The state has a proper option for every taste and desire, to satisfy every travel plan and budget. Veracruz also offers excellent openings for business travelers in industrial cities like Orizaba, Coatzacoalcos, Poza Rica, Minatitlan and the port of Veracruz.The ocean and mountain ranges are the borders that nature gave to Veracruz.


In the south of the state you will find Coatzacoalcos, the third largest city in the state after the port of Veracruz and Xalapa, the state capital. Coatzacoalcos is an important industrial and commercial port that manages business related to the oil, which accounts for a great part of the city's development. As a deep water port Coatzacoalcos manages a great number of import and export transactions, being the third most important port in the Gulf of Mexico, after the port of Veracruz and Tampico. The city of Coatzacoalcos has an attractive seawalk and beautiful beaches that local people visit for sunbathing, swimming, and having fun, enjoying the hotels, restaurants, and nearby shopping centers. Thanks to the city's fast growth and tourist potential, it is an excellent choice for investing, doing business, or vacationing with all the services. Coatzacoalcos.jpg


Minatitlán is a city in southeastern Mexican state of Veracruz in the Olmec region of the state and the north of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. It is very close to Coatzacoalcos and shares its economic success derived from the petroleum. Minatitlán is home to the Refinería Gral. Lázaro Cárdenas del Río (now named for President Lázaro Cárdenas) a 1906 oil refinery that was the first such facility built in Latin America.

Grupos Étnicos


1. Pathology 2. Anesthesiology 4. Cardiology 6. General Surgery 7. Laparoscopic Surgery 8. Maxillofacial Surgery 9. Oncological 10. Pediatric Surgery 11. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 12. Coloproctology 13. Dermatology 15. Gastroenterology 16. Geriatrics 17. Gynecology and Obstetrics 18. Hematology 19. Infectious Diseases 20. Pediatric Infectious Diseases 21. Rehab Medicine 23. Internal Medicine 24. Nephrology 25. Neonatology 26. Neurosurgery 27. Neurology 28. Ophthalmology 29. Medical Ophthalmology 30. Orthopedics 31. Otolaryngology 32. Pediatrics 33. Psychiatry 34. Radiology and imaging 35. Radiation Oncology 36. Rheumatology 37. Medical emergencies 38. Urology

Cultural differences

-Family is always the most important thing. So, you should respect your host and his/her family and stick to their rules. Usually incomings get really attached to their “families” in Veracruz. -Most of the People in Veracruz are very warm and welcoming with foreigners, we are always going to be interested in knowing people of a foreign country and his/her culture and traditions. -The proper gentilic for a Veracruz resident is Veracruzano, but we are most commonly known as “Jarochos” -Greetings and manners are essential, it will definitely help you to relate to other people (some may be offended if not treated properly): Por Favor (Please), Gracias (Thank you), Buenos Días (Good Morning), Buenas Tardes (Good Afternoon), Buenas Noches (Good Night). -Even though, English is studied in private and public schools, not everyone is able to successfully communicate with this language. So it may come handy to have basic Spanish abilities not only in the hospital but also in everyday life. -In the hospital, doctors and residents are most of the time going to help you and answer your questions. And if you are lucky they could evenlet you do, several things, you just have to ask. Due to the influence of ethnic groups have some regionalisms, also a big difference with other countries is our peculiarity to say wait a little while (un ratite), but It means: I will take a long time. Also, at social events is customary to arrive a little later than agreed.

Our health care system

The current healthcare system in Mexico is a pluralistic health care system which is a combination of public and private programs. In Veracruz Puerto you can find some private health care institutions, such as Hospital Milenium and Beneficencia Española. The public institutions are the national public healthcare institution for private-sector employees IMSS, ISSSTE (Public Sector Employees' Social Security Institute) and the National Health Ministry (SSA) maintain large specialty facilities in the city. Urgencias.jpg

Facultad de Medicina

The University of Veracruz began its formal existence on September 11, 1944. Its creation reflects the history of higher education in the state of Veracruz to take over public schools artistic, professional, special and higher education then existing within the entity. At 67 years of existence has become the premier institution of higher education in the state of Veracruz. What started as a small group of schools and university faculties is now a large and complex, with presence in five university regions and 28 municipalities throughout the territory of Veracruz. Few universities in the country have experienced important geographic deployment. In six decades of institutional work, Veracruzana University has developed a prominent humanist tradition. True to the time that always created and animated by a spirit of social justice, the organization has committed to offer and be part of the benefits of education and national culture and universal in all sectors of society. The arts (music, theater, dance, visual arts), social sciences and humanities (philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, literature, law) are part of the institutional identity. The humanistic dimension of the organization has defined the nature of its social contribution and has led a prominent place at the national and international levels.

Facultad de Medicina - Minatitlán

From 1976 to 1984 as Director of the Unit Dr. Mario Velasquez Moon and Director of the Faculty of Medicine Dr. Francisco Ortiz Guerrero becomes General Hospital Hospital Minatitlan in school and establishing himself agreements with IMSS Hospitals Coatzacoalcos and Minatitlan and Concentration Regional Hospital in Minatitlan Pemex to their fields were occupied clinical Teaching students of the faculty. It also established agreements with international institutions such as UNICEF, and Radda Barner JOICEF and national and MEXFAM who provided advice, training and material and financial support and kind to the development of the Community program.

During the tenure of Dr. Rodolfo Barrientos Santiago (1996-1999) performed the Master of Clinical Research, provides agreement with the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico AC for the National General Medical Update, consolidates the comprehensive health study new students and is set to Module Outpatient Care Center Comprehensive Epilepsy Program and establishing the Degree of Support graduates.


  • Bollitos de Elote: [Tamales de elote envueltos en hojas de maíz, servidos con crema y queso; también se sirve fritos].
  • Tamales de Chipile: [Masa, manteca y chipile (hojas), envueltos en hojas de plátano].
  • Chanchamitos: [Tamales de masa, manteca, rellenos de carne de cerdo; son gorditos y se envuelven en hojas de maíz, se bañan con salsa muy picosa y se acompaña tomando arroz con leche ].
  • Camarón y Pescado Seco: [Salado].
  • Totopo: [Tortilla de elote dorada].
  • Queso Salado.
  • Carne de Chinameca: [Carne enchileanchada (carne echilada ahumada con madera de encino)].
  • Antojitos Veracruzanos: [ Plátano macho frito con crema y queso doble crema, plátano macho relleno de carne o queso doble crema con mayonesa, picaditas (tortillas de masa cocida, picadas o pellizcada en la orilla) de mole, salsa roja o verde con queso fresco, queso doble crema, queso deshebrado y/o crema, garnachas, empanadas de carne, queso o pescado y memela de salsa roja con frijoles refritos, carne de chinameca, longaniza, queso doble crema o deshebrado, plátano macho frito y crema].
  • Tacos de Cochinita pibil: [Aunque es un platillo de la gastronomía de Yucatán, en Minatitlán son muy populares].
  • Marisco: [Al estilo veracruzano].
  • Tamales de Masa Cocida: [Con epazote y rellenos de carne de cerdo o pollo].


Accommodation & Boarding

In our LC, all of the incomings stay in a student’s house (could be with their families or with other students, depending on each case). In that way incomings have the chance to really get to know the lifestyle and traditions of a Mexican family. If would arrive more than 5 people for the exchange period, will be hosted in a rented apartment for your convenience.

Local & National transportation

Transport is very cheap, to get around the city the maximum rate is of 28.00 pesos and 25.00 pesos to the mall. And for transportation to Minatitlán city the cost is 20.00 pesos.

Social program

On March we celebrate the carnival of Coatzacoalcos so you can enjoy one of the best carnivals in Mexico next to Veracruz. On July we have social program that includes an outlet to Catemaco, visiting some beaches attached to ciudady visits to tourist attractions in the city as well as some evening parties. Catemaco.jpg Pirámide.jpg Centro de convenciones.jpg Carnaval de coatza.jpg


Warm and humid, with average annual temperature of 28 ° C, with abundant rains in summer and early autumn, in the months of May and June recorded the highest temperatures of 42-44 ° C, 29 in winter, in the months January and February mainly lower temperatures do not exceed 14 ° C.

Social life

Fast growing cities in Poza Rica, Coatzacoalcos and Minatitlan, meanwhile, enjoy a thrilling and hectic nightlife. Many nightclubs and bars in these cities have modern audio and lighting technologies to provide spectacular night of music and entertainment for its visitors.

Antro Coatza.jpg Coco.jpg Bule.jpg Noche coatza.jpg

Special Remarks

All students must wear appropriate clothing, closed shoes in the hospital, white pants, white coat, stethoscope and fill the notebook IFMSA official exchanges in order to receive the certificate .....


We are waiting for you with open arms, we are sure you will spend most unforgettable experience and will learn a lot ...we wish an excellent exchange!!!! im at your order!!! email: .... :D M.S.J February/2012

Here We let you a taste of our city... Click on the link below: "[[1]COATZACOALCOS VIDEO]

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