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Map with the location of Oaxaca.

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Welcome to Oaxaca

Oaxaca, the capital of the State, the UNESCO declared Oaxaca as part of the Cultural Heritage of the Humanity, owes his reputation to the beauty and harmony of his architecture, the wealth of his cultural traditions, the extensive variety of his typical food and the moderate smoothness of his climate, spring all the year around. Oaxaca's is placed to the south-east of the Mexican Republic, borders in the northern part on the conditions of Veracruz, in the eastern part with Chiapas, in the western part with Warrior and in the southern part with the Ocean Pacific Ocean. Oaxaca's name comes from the NahuatlHuayacac, whose roots are Huaxin (smart-aleck) and Yacalt (top or nose, top or beginning translated as the nose or top of the smart-alecks). Oaxaca's city was raised to range of city by Carlos V in the year of 1532. Nowadays his population belongs 244,727 inhabitants and in the whole condition 224,270 persons live . His territorial extension is of 95,364 km2., which corresponds to 4.85 % of the total of the Republic Méxicana. His population is of mas 3 million inhabitants. His height on the level of the sea is 1,550 MTS. The average annual temperature is of 29,3 °C (maximum) and of 12,5 °C (minim).

It brings over of the city

Oaxaca is a cultural mosaic, to be able to enjoy the paved streets of the historical center parallel to his colonial architecture, his beautiful churches, The Socle, today, continues being, besides one of the most beautiful squares of Mexico, the center of the life in Oaxaca. The arcades that hold the Palace of Government and the attached buildings lodge restaurants, terraces, portals and cafeterias. The principal street is pedestrian; it connects the Socle with the temple of Santo Domingo and she is known by Tourist Walker. It is the scene of the Museum of Contemporary Art, of many of the former colonial houses, diverse galleries, restaurants and the most distinguished shops of jewels and crafts. At the end of the Walker there gets up the exceptional temple of Santo Domingo, brilliance of the Mexican baroque, with his major altar covered with gold foil, his impressive interior decoration and the dependences that lodge the Regional Museum of the State. Oaxaca's temples are the most sumptuous of the south of Mexico, In contrast with the colonial Oaxaca they find the big cities with pre-Hispanic marvels: Monte Albán, Mitla, Yagul, Lambityeco. The folkclore of the condition is completed by the ecotourism. If we move away from the city will we be capable of estimating the marvels of the condition as Huatulco's exotic beaches and for that not? Guelatao don Benito's cradle juarez meritorious garcia of the americas.

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Our system of health and the hospitals

Oaxaca have 3 hospitals begin him: hospital president juarez represented to the ISSSTE; regional hospital I number 1 Dr Ramón Mayoral Pardopropiedad of IMSS, Hospital Dr Aurelio Valdivieso and Regional Hospital of Oaxaca's high speciality both belonging to SSA. Oaxaca also have multiple particular hospitals.

Hospital for practices of incomings

general Hospital dr Aurelio Valdivieso belonging to SSA The precedent of the Hospital Dr. Aurelio Valdivieso, goes back to the 17th century, when the order of religious Betlemitas, they founded in 1686 a Hospital in the former convent of Bethlehem, which spent the time and before the needs of Health of the Civil and Military Population, the C. Governor of the condition Don Benito Juárez, but it is not until February, 1963 for agreement of the C. President of the republic (Lic. Adolfo Lopez Mateos). The Secretariat of Health and Assistance constructs in Oaxaca a new Hospital in the areas of the Ex-estate of Aerie yielded by the own Governor of the condition. Finished the work, tape-worm was inaugurated on May 5, 1965 by then architectonically four levels by capacity of 104 beds; Service of Urgencies, External Consultation, Laboratories, RX's Office, Area of Government and General, he like to do all those kinds of service, he worked for ten years expiring every time better with his aims of Services to the Community and of Teaching. In 1974 for needs of the infantile population, there is promoted the construction of an infantile hospital which is constructed inside the north area of the areas of the general hospital.


The Hospital there has been implementing gradually 16 Subspecialities doctor Quirúrgicas such as: Surgery Buco-Dento-Maxilar, Ophthalmology, torrinolaringology, Neurosurgery, Urology, Neurology, Oncology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Perinatology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Neumology, Critical Medicine, Hematología, Genetics and Endocrinology, which does that the complexity of his Attention is considered to be intermediate between a Second and the Third Level.



To grant medical attention of high speciality to the adult above-mentioned population, with quality, efficiency and safety, and to develop education and investigation to improve the health of the population.


Leaders in quality and life expectancy, to the forefront in teaching and investigation.

Our medical education

The Study plan in his enrolled in school stage, is annual, though it possesses half-yearly subjects. 46 subjects distributed in four areas constitute the Study plan. Basic Area, with 9 subjects, 7 annual ones and 2 half-yearly ones. Of Public Health with 7 half-yearly subjects. Clinical area constituted by 25 subjects annual 4 and half-yearly 21. Humanistic area with 5 half-yearly subjects. The area of integration or Pregrado's Boarding school, with 6 obligatory rotations. The complementary area, it is constituted by 10 extracurricular matters. Englishman and IT doctor are obligatory but they do not affect the general average of the career.


The cultural differences

In Oaxaca relies on 18 ethnic groups of the 65 that it is in Mexico distributed in 8 regions: glen, north saw, south saw, papalopan, mixteca, coast, itsmo of tehuantepec and central valleys. Every year in summer carries out the maximum holiday of the oaxaqueños: the guelaguetza the one that assembles to 8 regions which offer a sample of his dances and traditions, beautiful suits of colors adorn the hill of the fort.


Housing and loading

Housing in host family, they will be received in the airport or in the main bus stacion ( The bus brant is ADO)

Social program

To enjoy the state holiday we have the colouring guelaguezta in summer, the happy holidays of May, the night of radishes in December and the guelaguetza! That is the biggest holiday in Oaxaca, and for it, we make some liquor made from the American agave and of the tepache:. The archaeological ruins will know from mount alban up to mitla, visiting of step he boils the water, the already awaited walks along the historical center and all the museums that we find in; and to go out from the classic Oaxaca, an approximation to the night life in which they were enjoying the best caverns.

The local transport

Oaxaca have a very easy public transport but host family or the CL will provide the car service most of the times.

Exchange periods

In the summer vacation the exchange trips can be as long as 1 month, in the easter and critsmas breack, the exchange can only be up to 2 weeks.

The social life

In Oaxaca you can have a delightful evening taking a coffee looking at the cathedral or enjoy the nights of trova, rock, ska, or electronic music. You can also enjoy all the cultural events that are made in the zócalo every evening.

Oaxaca all night

Special Comments

You are going to fall in love with Oaxaca


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