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About the city

Tanta is an important railway and highway junction and a market center. Cotton ginning is the principal industry. Tanta is Egypt's fifth largest city and is located 94 km (59 miles) north of Cairo and 130 km (81 miles) southeast of Alexandria, in the heart of the Gharbiya province.

It is that governorate's capital. There are about half a million people in Tanta. Tanta has cotton ginning factories and textile industries, as well as the seat of a Metropolitan of the Coptic Church. And is one of the main market centers in Egypt.



- The mosque and tomb of El-Sayed El-Badawy: El-Badawy is a founder of one of Egypt’s largest Sufi orders called Badawyya. He was born in Morocco, but immigrated to Arabia. He was sent to Tanta in 1234 as a representative of the order from Iraq. He was given permission to start a new order in Tanta and it soon flourished. His tomb was destroyed in the mid-nineteenth century but another was built.

- Tanta Museum: Which contains collections from the present day till the pharaonic times.

- Delta City Mall: The biggest mall and the tallest structure in Tanta


- Main Streets: El-Bahr St., El-Nahhas St., Saeed St. and Hassan Radwan St.

- Restaurants: KFC, PizzaHut, Cookdoor, Mo’men, Ketchup. Also, we have restaurants for our traditional foods like AbuDeshesh, Hareedy and Gad.

- Cafés: Oxygen café, Moments café, Savana café, Mojo café, Cuba café, .. etc. And all cafés here have a Free WiFi connection.


Popular events:

The largest event occurring in Tanta happens in October at the end season of cotton harvest; about two million people come to the city from all around the Delta and the world to witness Moulid El-Sayed El-Badawy which is an eight day celebration. The moulid is centred around the Mosque and Tomb of Sayed Ahmed El-Badawy. El-Badawy was the founder of one of Egypt's largest Sufi orders called Badawiya. and is the center of the festival. During the festival many sugar-coated nuts called 'Habb El-Azziz' ('Seeds of the beloved prophet') are eaten. They have been considered a delicacy since ancient times.

Location & nearest airport

Tanta is at the center of the Delta (which is located between the two branches of the Nile). It is 1 hour from Cairo and 1 hour and half from Alexandria by car. Also, it is in a good connection to other Egyptian cities.

This good location makes Tanta is one of the most recommended cities by incoming students.

The nearest airport: Cairo International Airport, it takes about 1 hour and half to reach Tanta from the airport.

How to reach

To get to Tanta from the airport there are many ways the best of them are:

- You can take a Taxi directly from the airport to Tanta (costs max. 35 Euros) Here you can find 3 types of Taxi, the best one is the white coloured with some black squares at its side as it is the metric one.

- Or you can take a Train to Tanta: First, you take a Taxi or a Bus to (Ramsis Railway Station) – Buses are available every hour and you can check with Airport Information Desk – then you will book a ticket to Tanta (costs about 10-20 Egyptian pounds)

For train time table and prices check:

Medical School History and available departments

The Faculty of Medicine was found in 1962/63. The Medicine student obtains after a 10 semester study the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (B.Sc.) in Medical sciences.

The Faculty of comprises the departments of Orthopedic Surgery; Neuro Surgery; Urology; Anatomy And Embryology; Surgery; Anesthesiology; Clinical ; Pathology ; Radiology ; Radiological Treatment For Neoplasm; Dermatology; Venereology; Neuropsychiatry; Internal Medicine; Pediatrics; Gynecology And Obstetrics; Oto-Rhino-Laryngology; Ophthalmology; Public Health; Forensic Medicine & Toxicology; Pathology; Pstsdiyology; Pharmacology ; Histology; Biochemistry; Physiology Bacteriology; Tropical Medicine; Chest and Heart Surgery and Physical Medicine .

The faculty offers the opportunity to obtain Diploma, Master and Ph.D. degrees in the various specialization's in the above mentioned departments.


• To be nationally acknowledged as one of the best medical schools in Egypt and the Middle East.

• To be recognized for excellence in clinical care, medical education, and scientific research

• To be a partner with other excellent medical schools inEgypt in enhancing and sustaining healthcare locally, regionally, nationally and internationally


• The Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University is dedicated to develop competent medical graduates who are scientifically knowledgeable and practically qualified to deal with patients' health problems efficiently, effectively & ethically.

• It is also dedicated to conduct innovative medical Research that fulfills society needs and adds new knowledge.

• It is committed to delivery of outstanding medical care and promotion of community health.


At Doctors’ residence or Rented students flat (According to the time of year and availability of each)

- Doctors’ residence is inside the Hospital Campus

- The students’ flats are less than 5 Minutes walking to the Hospital

- Internet is available in Most of hospital departments and Internet Cafés are available near to the hostels. Beside that, All cafés in Tanta have a WiFi connection.

- No landlines available in the hostel.

- (+2) is an International prefix only so we don’t use it locally.

- It's better to buy an Egyptian mobile number since it's so cheap it's only will cost you just 5 Egyptian Pounds - approximately 1 Dollar - and you could make and receive International and Local calls. Rechargeable cards are in either 10 - 25 - 50 - 100 - 200 pounds.

- Using internet on your mobile it too cheap, it costs 1 Eg. Pound per day

Social Program

Our program will give you a unique opportunity to visit all the dazzling spots of Egypt. We have 4 major social programs:

The First is to Alexandria and The North Coast: In it we go to Alex where you visit almost all of the touristic places in it (Citadel, Pompey’s pillar, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, .. etc) then you go to Siwa Oasis enjoying its beautiful nature and desert sand and it's wonderful silence , then lastly to the north coast where u enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean sea.

The Second is to Cairo: In it we visit Cairo to visit different important touristic places in Cairo such as The Egyptian Museum ,The Pyramids ,The Citadel, Khan El Khalily and enjoying a nice Arabian nights adventure and Nile cruise

The Third is to Upper-Egypt: Visiting Luxor an Aswan which have more than one third of the monuments of the world.

The Fourth is to Dahab: Where you enjoy the red sea and the amazing coral reefs especially when you do scuba diving, also you can enjoy doing snorkelling, sand surfing and the most interesting part is the wonderful sun with its warm rays.

Our social program isn't only restricted to the 4 major trips mentioned above, we also plan to organize more trips to other magnificent places in Egypt according to your scientific program and your free time.



Martina Sebejova Czech republic-2011

Well, it is difficult to describe something, what is perfect...and Egypt is perfect! For me it was the first and also last clerkship, because I am finishing my university, and I didn’t expect much, but what I got overcame my expectations. From clinical point of view, the clerkship was very beneficial. I was at neuropsychiatry department, I had one personal trainer/tutor (specialised in neurology) who accomplished me for hours explaining me everything I was interested in, discussed cases, taught me precisely how to examine, read and evaluate MRI, CT, RTG etc in neurology. Except from this I had once a week a day with trainer specialised in psychiatry, what was really beneficial, too. From social point of view, I really fell in love with people and country. Egypt is beautiful and has a lot of things to offer for people interested in travelling, history and nature. And as for people from TSSA (but not just them), what can I say? Very caring, friendly, trustworthy. In all the month I spent there, I never felt alone or lonely and all the time I lived there with feeling, that in case anything would go wrong, I am not alone to solve the problem. They were amazing and I miss them every day. It was definitely the most exciting experience of my life, people were great, travelling was amazing and Egypt was wonderful...and I recommend it to everybody.

Catinca Iancu Romania-2011

I went to Tanta, Egypt in August 2011 and I recall it as one of the best vacations in my life! Trying to describe the feeling in one phrase, I can say truly that I felt like a kid again, discovering a whole new and exciting world. The destinations we visited were mind-blowing, the words can't describe the amazing things we got to see in only one month. But the greatest thing makes Egypt is worthy of visiting is the wonderful people. They are very friendly and really know how to enjoy life, showing you how to enjoy life as well. The TSSA crew, so thoughtful and giving people, put together all the social program including the trips and everyday activities and they gave us the most important things, care and safety. Also the friendship and openness shown to us everyday says a great deal about them and also about their impressive culture. I advise each and everyone to go to Egypt without hesitating, it's a unique experience beyond expectations! I fell in love with Egypt and inshallah I will come back sometime!

FAQs & Security

Q: I am incoming student to Tanta during August and I’ll reach Cairo at 30th of July, and I’m asking for an accommodation , is it possible ? A: We have no problem but it depends on the departure time of the previous group so we will update you as soon as we know.

Q: I am incoming student to Tanta in August and I’ll leave at 1st of September so I’m asking for an accommodation A: We have no problem but we have to know the departure of the previous group to see whether it is possible or not.

Q: Is there a WiFi connection in the hostel ? A: No, there is not. Only available in hospital departments and all cafés here for free.

Q: How can I wash my clothes there ? A: There is a washing machine here whether you will stay at the hostel or in a flat. And if you don’t like it, you can wash your clothes in a laundry. It is very cheap.

Q: Will I have a pocket money ? A: No and it is written in your card of acceptance.

Q: I am asking for being picked up from Cairo International Airport by the hosting committee A: Well, we have no problem with that. But it depends on your arrival time cause may be you will arrive with another student so you can arrange with him/her to come together. Anyway, it is too easy to come by yourself. Please check this with your contact person.

Q: How can I change my Euros or Dollars ? A: Don’t worry cause Money Exchange Offices are everywhere.

Q: Concerning my certificate, When I will receive it ? A: First, you have to attend the minimum days of the training in the hospital (about 14 days) to get it. Otherwise, LEO will not give you your certificate then you will receive a certificate signed by Our supervisor and stamped by NEO or NORE.

About the security here in Egypt, finally we started our parliament elections and they went smoothly and we consider it the first step in our democratic way and after that we will start presidency elections. We consider the situation here is normal.


for feedback about TSSA:

LEO: Ahmed Hosam


LC Website: