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Member of IFMSA-MEXICO since... 2006, active member since 2007
Number of incoming students per year 12
Who is our LEO Edson Antonio de Robles Arellano
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Welcome Note

Dear medical student: “Me da mucho gusto conocerte, al fin tenemos contacto contigo…” First at all I hope you’re ok and doing your plans for your Exchange in Tepic!! This “Survival Handbook” is for to keep a first contact with the SCOPE IFMSA-FEDEM team and you, and for provide a little important information. In this days you going to see a different way to see the life and the medicine, you must to take it with simplicity, because you have to be proud of this opportunity that nobody else has. In IFMSA-FEDEM, the local committee of the IFMSA-Mexico, we feel proud that receive you in our town which is one of the most beautiful city of our state. We are secured that you going to enjoy it. Tepic is a really Mexican town and the people are very dynamic, happy and friendly. I really want to tell you that in SCOPE-TEAM we are making big efforts for give you a wonderful and safe stay. You have to experiment Mexico for tell the experience. We are here for every doubt that you have, don’t hesitate to ask anything. Enjoy your time! Good luck. Hope to see you soon. Best wishes. Sincerely Local Exchange Officer


Tepic is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Nayarit.

It is located in the central part of the state, at 21°30′30″N 104°53′35″W / 21.50833°N 104.89306°W / 21.50833; -104.89306. It stands at an altitude above sea level of some 915 meters, on the banks of the Río Mololoa and the Río Tepic, approximately 225 kilometers north-west of Guadalajara, Jalisco. Nearby are the extinct Sangangüey volcano and its crater lake. Tepic is the primary urban center of this rich agricultural region; major crops include sugarcane, tobacco and citrus fruits.

The city was founded in 1542. In the 2005 census, it reported a population of 295,204 people. Its surrounding municipality of the same name had a population of 336,403. The municipality has an area of 1,983.3 km² (765.8 sq mi).

Our health care system

Tepic has three levels of care for distributed in health clinics, general hospitals and specialty hospitals. There are free and private care.

The hospitals

The city has 37 medical units, of which:

14 belong to the Nayarit Health Services including Hospital Civil "Dr. Antonio González Guevara" 2 to ISSSTE the General Hospital of the ISSSTE. 12 to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) Including the General Hospital of the IMSS. 4 IMSS-Solidaridad program 5 to DIF. Many private hospitals.

The Civil Hospital "Dr. Antonio González Guevara" is located in the city of Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico historically goes back to July 5, 1791 when it was founded with the name of St. Joseph Hospital by Dr. Juan de Zelayeta with In order to provide care to persons in need, all with charitable. It is a general hospital in the state, short and medium term stay with various medical specialties, has support for training teachers in basic specialties with an installed capacity of 130 beds and 25 beds census no. Currently the hospital has four basic services: pediatrics, internal medicine, general surgery and obstetrics, anesthesiology and adding various medical subspecialties such as neurology, pulmonology, cardiology, psychiatry, psychology, maternal fetal medicine, algology and dermatology and surgical subspecialties neurosurgery, urology, reconstructive surgery and pediatric surgery. It has diagnostic and imaging services, ultrasound, clinical laboratory and pathology. Closes the circle of care an efficient nursing, social work, dietetics, pharmacy and an excellent statistical collection system, in addition to general services. There is a direct dependency of Health Services Nayarit through the Director General and Deputy permanently assigned to oversee specific programs. Internally directed by a governing body comprising: Director, Medical Assistant, Administrative Assistant and Assistants of Management who are assisted in making technical and administrative decisions by the following advisory bodies: Board, Technical Board and Committees. Hospitals have institutional ties with public and private sector, as well as federal and state agencies in the various sectors of public administration. This distribution is supported by 18 specialty clinics, dentistry area with 3 units and dental X-ray machine and an area of oral hydration. Delivery room unit of the gynecology and obstetrics has two rooms expulsion. The service area of anesthesiology operating room has 4 operating rooms, a central sterilization equipment and provides service throughout the hospital and has three central steam autoclaves. The support of laboratory and imaging studies with 2 rooms equipped with X-ray equipment 500 000 amps each and one ultrasound room, 6 combs properly equipped laboratory and service capacity to provide blood transfusions. The pathology laboratory has 3 power binocular microscopes, paraffin oven, microtome, microtome knife sharpener, cryostat, autopsy room and refrigerated storage of bodies. The pain clinic (Pain Medicine) provides multi-disciplinary functions.

Our medical education

In Tepic, medical school it's for 6 years. 4 years is in school, 1 year is only in the hospital and 1 year is in a community that have a health problems. In the medical school of my university classes are taught in shifts morning and evening, I took such classes in the morning shift and evening I clinical practices to a hospital, I do my homework in my free time or later much of the weekends, I like my life as a medical student in school because I can learn new things but also share time with my peers, I understand why people are now going through the same as mine, I can share experiences. Itself in an organized way I can give myself a little time for everything, that is, studying, spending time with my friends, family, exercising or playing sports, going to parties, among other things, but of course, all on a limited basis for could not be compared with the time available to students of other races other than mine. I love my life as a medical student; I find it really exciting and not change it for anything. About my medical school: is a school that provides everything needed for basic training of student measurements, it has a unique library of medicine where we can get books to consult and we counted laboratories in which we practice for example microbiology or immunology, we currently have a lab done anatomy practices are carried out with plasticized bodies, also have a computer center which gives us quick access to Internet computers to facilitate our work. we also have a special area for recreation and practice of certain sports such as soccer, volleyball, etc., an area where we can buy breakfast, and restrooms for students and teachers as well as a parking lot. It could say that we have all the services then necessary for good academic performance are not clear but perhaps the best or the most luxurious facilities but they are useful for their students. In body work medical school can say that we have doctors and specialists who give us their knowledge practicing as teachers in our school. They usually are accessible to our requests and are always there to help us. And I you could say we have many opportunities to grow.

Cultural differences

An exchange in SCOPE means WORK in a hospital. The work in the hospital goings to be really easy because you going to be part of the Internal doctors team which gonna help you to learn everything you want to learn. Like foreign student probably you don’t going to do many complicated things because the doctors need to be secure about the attention quality, but I'm really sure that you going to do many interesting things, like attending a delivery from start to finish or probably you have to into at the surgery room and being to the first assistant. The behavior for the medical student into the hospital is very important for the doctors. You must show good behavior when you will work in the hospital and all your clothing have to be the appropriate. If you are a man, you always use in the hospitals: White pants and coat, white shirt and tie (the color doesn’t important). Shoes must be white too. No wear sports shoes. When you have to go at the surgical area you must use yellow scrubs. If you are a woman, you always use in the hospitals: White pants and coat and white blouse. Please don’t necklines. Shoes must be white too. No wear sports shoes. The hair must be always combed. When you have to go at the surgical area you must use yellow scrubs. Please don’t go to the hospital whit painted nails. It’s very important that you come to Mexico whit your stethoscope. For win an IFMSA-Certificate you have to be in the hospital five days at week, approximately 5 hours per day, and get the doctors signature in the “student handbook”. During afternoons you can go outside and enjoy the city, with your new friends. The weather in Tepic during July is really rainy and warm; we recommended bring with you your clothes for the summer and sweater for the rain days. Don't forget the swimsuit. This is the example for the surgical wear: It’s really necessary that you use this color but, if you don’t have one of this it’s ok you use other color. For the clinical area: Have an uniform like this is very, very important. If you don’t have one, you cannot go to the hospital. Please don’t forget ties if you are a man.

Accommodation & Boarding

Probably it's the most important question for the incomings, and I’m really sure that it is because I will be an incoming in the next July. In IFMSA FEDEM are working students like you, so we found the best place for you. First at all, you are going to live in a house with the other incomings. Girls going to be separate with the boys, but probably you have to roommate and share the toilette. The place is really comfortable and it's located in a wonderful zone in Tepic, near to Hospitals and a park. Please bring with you towel and individual size savannah, because we think that is more hygienic. Second: the food. You can decide if you want to have a breakfast in home or the hospital, the lunch will be in the hospital and dinner always in home. The Mexican diet it's really interesting, I want to invite you to taste it all, but if you have a medical restriction over food, please send an e-mail at your contact person for tell him before your coming. In the house will stay always an adult who going to make dinner, clean the residence and put order. She can help you in everything you need. She's really nice. Enjoy your time, hope to see you soon.

Social program

We are proud for have one of the best social program in the country. We always try to give you the best experience in Mexico. For the next exchange period we prepare some trips around our beautiful state. First at all, we need to check the calendar. Let’s see: you have to be in Tepic the next July 3rd. And we start with the social program. Monday 4th Official welcome in our medical school by the headmaster and tell about making agreements. Introducing with the doctors in the hospital. Afternoon for rest. Tuesday 5th After lunch, we going to discover the city! Friday 8th Welcome party. Theme “The weather that I enjoy the life”. You have to wear something that represent yourself. Saturday 9th It’s time to go at the most beautiful nature places in our state, we are going to meet a mangroves zone and a mystical island. Don’t forget your swimsuit. Wednesday 10th Meet to San Blas port (the international rock group mana did a song about this city which called “En el muelle de San Blas”), after: BEACH!!. Don’t forget your swimsuit and your sun protector. Saturday 16th Meet the archeological place “Los Toriles”. You can admire the rest of an old civilization who did pyramids. After you can visit a really beautiful lagoon which is called “Santa Maria del Oro” it’s special because his water is like a mirror. Sunday 17th Walk for the most beautiful cities of the country, Guadalajara. We are sure that you will enjoy it. Saturday 23th THE INTERNATIONAL CULTURE DINNER! This is the most important day in our social program because we change our culture and to be proud of our country. In this party you have to wear a traditional costume and prepare a typical plate of your country. It’s really necessary your traditional dress and your flag!. Sunday 24th Meet one of the most historical cities of our state, Compostela. This city was the capitol of the ex Nueva Galicia kingdom which it was a Spanish colony. Stands the cathedral, built in 1550. Note: The cost of our social program is 150 dollars approximately, may change. PLEASE DON’T FORGET your Traditional costume, your flag and your recipe for The international culture dinner.

Local & National transportation

How can I get to Tepic? It’s really easy. You have 2 ways: one is fly from the Mexico city to Tepic, but it’s really costly and the other is fly to Guadalajara city and take a taxi to the bus station “Central de autobuses de Zapopan” and take a bus to Tepic, it’s cheaper. If you fly to Guadalajara city, you have to buy a taxi ticket inside the airport to the bus station, when you be in the bus station you have to buy a ticket in a bus line (I suggest you Omnibus de Mexico) to Tepic, Nayarit. The ticket it cost like 200 pesos (18 dollars approximately). Guadalajara city is near to Tepic approximately 2 hours in distance by bus. By the way that you decide to come to Tepic you have to inform at your contact person for bring for you. It’s important that you inform the number flight and the hour that you arrive to Guadalajara City. Ok, Remember: 1.- Fly to Guadalajara City. 2.- Take a taxi to the Bus station “Central de autobuses de Zapopan” 3.- Take a bus to Tepic Nayarit.


It's really good, very tropical. In Tepic you can see rain and feel hot.

Social life

Tepic is a small but beautiful state capital of Nayarit. With just over 419,000 inhabitants and an area no more than 2,000 km is located adjacent to the metropolitan area of the neighboring municipality of Xalisco. Most years the weather is warm. Especially in summer (July, August and September), heat also is accompanied by rains, usually in the evenings, so it is advisable to bring something warm for the afternoon or evening. In particular, this period is one of the best because the rain invited to enjoy a walk through a city park or some of its streets. Or you can enjoy a coffee or a movie at the mall FORUM Tepic, or in one of the many cafes that you will find in the city. The most attractive places for tourism are: the temple of the cross of grass and annexed convent, the Municipal Palace and the Cathedral which is unique in the world that has its two symmetrical bell towers each located off the main square and City Hall. In the main square or Plaza de Armas are appreciated architectural buildings of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. It is here where you can find the Turibus; buses with a nineteenth century classic design that make trips in the city and beyond. Among the historical sites are: the house-museums of Juan Escutia and Amado Nervo, Nayarit Regional Museum, the ruins of Cockaigne, Casa Aguirre, former Palace Hotel. The Historic Center is also an attractive city. View of the Ruins of Jauja and former Textile Factory Bellavista. You can also mountain climbing in Sangangüey dormant volcano and Cerro de San Juan, located 21 kilometers. Also, the Cerro de la Cruz is considered a good tourist spot. North of the capital is located "El Mirador del Aguila" in the hills of San Juan, where you can see the coast plain of the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra Madre Occidental. Tepic also located 45 minutes from Puerto de San Blas and 1.5 h from the beautiful beaches of the Riviera Nayarit. The nightlife in the city is quiet, but there are several places you can go have fun. Among the best clubs are: Palazzo, Hilo Revee and La Finca. But if you prefer something quieter you can go to a bar including: Los Remedios, Portofino, Wings Army, Beerdy Golf, Las Palmitas, pedals, among others.

Special Remarks

When you have an exchange to Tepic have to put your stethoscope in your luggage and your yellow scrubs. The social program it's payed by yourself.


Other cities offered for exchange

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