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      1 City description

Tunis Governorate. The smallest and most populated of the twenty-four governorates (provinces) of Tunisia. It is situated in northern Tunisia. It covers an area of 346 square kilometers and has a population of 984,000. The capital is Tunis, which is the modern day city at which the ancient city/capital of the nation of Carthage was based.

      2. faculty/Local Committee

Our LC is the oldest one in Associa-Med. Situated in the capital of Tunisia, we offer the opportunity for the foreign students to be few minutes from the most notorious Tunisian museums, ruins of Carthage, the magnificent Sidi Bou Said and its incredible architecture, the Avenue Habib Bourguiba, the avenue where a movement of thousands of people took place on the 14th of January 2011; a memorable day for all the Tunisians as it was the beginning of the Tunisian revolution’s end. Our Local committee is also near to the touristic beaches and club located in Hammamet, and only 1h30 from Bizerte and Klebia with their outstanding beaches and cliff. You’ll find also in our committee a “Medina” (old city) full of history and craft. You’ll see while having a walk inside it the traditional Tunisian life and you’ll realize that “Tunisians are more than a nation”. All what have been said and more (especially the Sahara trip) are included in our social program, one of the best in the IFMSA exchange program. The faculty of medicine of Tunis was founded on 1964-1965 with 59 students enrolled in October 1964. Teachers’ responsable of teaching were 7 in number, including three seconded by the World health organization, two French missionaries and two lecturers Tunisians. Six assistants assisted them (four of them Tunisians and two foreigners) Pr. Amor Chedli was appointed to the first dean of the faculty of medicine of Tunis.

      3. Hospitals

All the hospitals, on which the incomings will be placed, are located near to the faculty, at about 200 meters from it. Their names are La Rabta, Charles Nicolles, Institut de neurologie… They are full of skilled and notorious doctors. They are receiving a huge number of patients, which represent a great opportunity for the students to enlarge their medical knowledge.

      4. Boarding/Lodging

All incomings are going to be placed in a high standing student hostel. It located in a luxury place in the capital, which name is Manar I. The students’ hostel is about 7 minutes by taxi from the university (its cost is around 1 euro). During your stay you’ll have internet Access WIFI. You’ll have to bring your own towel and pillow. When you’ll be here, you’re going to be asked about 25 euro, as a deposit, which are going to be given back to you once you’ll give back the keys without any damage in your room. Here the student hostel website so you can have a look on it You’ll have two meals per day (breakfast and lunch).

      5. Transportation

If you’ll arrive to Tunis Carthage International Airport someone is going to be there for sure to pick you up to the student hostel. If you’ll choose to land somewhere else, we cannot guarantee that someone will pick you up. If we’ll find one, you’ll be obliged to pay him the fuel (around 15 euro). In Tunis, we advise you to take a taxi instead of taking the bus or the metro because it’s more comfortable.

      6. Social Program
  • Welcome Party: A magnificent way to welcome you in our lovely country. The aim of this activity is to represent a kind of “ice breaker” and to make all of you get to know the other incomings.
  • Trip to Raf Raf: This beautiful city, with its outstanding beaches and forest, is impatient to welcome you and make you enjoy a memorable afternoon under its sunny sky and into its magnificent sea (price=3euro/6dt)
  • Trip de Sidi bou said: A mix between Tunisia and Greece. You’ll discover it as soon as you’ll be here ;)
  • Weekend in hammamet: One of the most touristic places in Tunisia and in the Mediterranean Sea. You’ll be amazed by its long night and its old city (medina). (Price= 30 euro/60dt)
  • Trip to Korbous: about 80km from the capital, this city is known by its amazing landscape and its “hammam” (hot springs). A magnificent journey is waiting for you (price=5euro/10dt)
  • Visit of the medina: the old city of Tunis. During this guided tour, you’ll learn lot of information about the Arabic and Muslim history of the city of Tunis.
  • Weekend in tabarka: high mountains, diving, quad, beaches… all this is going to be there (price=35 euro/70dt)
  • International food and drinking party
  • Trip to Carthage: a trip in the old runes, museum, old cathedral… in 3 words: jump into the history
  • Sahara trip: camels, sands dunes, quad, water falls, oasis, 4*4!!! Actually the best weekend that you can ever have in your entire life. We’ll make sure that you’ll say that words ;) (Price=100euro/200dt)
  • Visit of Bardo museum: another jump into the history.
  • Breaking the fast: you’ll live some days during which it’s going to be Ramadan (the holly month for Muslim people). We’ll offer you the chance to know the Tunisian dishes that are prepared normally in all the houses to break the fast. But, prepare yourself to fast if you want to feel what we do. ;) (Price=4euro/8dt)
  • Weekend in Monastir: the third most touristic city in Tunisia  (price=35 euro/70dt)

P.S: Please bring your International Student Card, so you can enter the museums and all the cultural sites for free. Otherwise, it’s going to cost you at least 5euro/10dt per place